Thank Devil for The New York Times

My dear reader I want to express my burning gratitude to the New York Times and their head publisher, Author (Pinch) Sulzberger. He’s making my and my legions of “tempters'” jobs much easier. As you know our most important tool in this fight against the enemy above is our cruel but delightful ability to disseminate our propaganda to as many vile little humans as possible. And with the New York Times doing that work for us, I’m delighted to say, we have one of the largest and most influential newspapers in the world on our side. Do not, my dear reader, make the mistake of thinking all is well. There is much work to be done. I look forward to using the staff and management, also know as reporters, editors, and journalists, to reach as many clueless miscreants as possible. They seem not to notice the many contradictions, many misleading, and many falsely moral equivalence stories we get published on a daily basis. I hope, for our fathers sake, they don’t learn our methods.

Today, dear reader, I would like for you to make time out of laboriously meaningless schedule, one filled with selfish desires and excuse making, to read this. What you’ll find is a woman named Elisabeth trying her damnedest to draw attention to some of our past works. Works done by my dear nephew, Wormwood. Where he made his best attempts at using the pride of his called McCain to fester hatred and resentment towards some of the enemies closest loved ones. Might I remind you, dear reader, this creature with a soul, Elisabeth, thinks herself smarter than most and doing the right thing. She doesn’t even suspects that her hatred is hatred at all. She, with the help of her prideful arrogance, thinks she’s good. But remember dear reader, those who think themselves good are the easiest to win over for our father below.

I will not go into detail on her work of today. I will only leave you with a thought our father warned us about about the enemy. Be careful not to remind your client how inherently evil their instincts truly are. For they will only respond to the destructiveness of this characteristic if it, indeed, effects them personally. Stay selfish and Devil Damn You. See you soon.

Your affectionate Demon,


P.S. My nephew, Wormwood, has a blog of his own here. Be sure and visit. He gives daily updates on his progress with his “clients.”


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