Obama is great

Dear reader, you by now, know who Barrack Obama is. My nephew is at work as we speak at molding and shaping this human in our own image. If you can say we have an image. Take for example is latest protestations. He doesn’t want to be called a liberal. Liberal, if you’ll remember, is what the enemy used make his little loved ones out to be. Now, and thank our fathers great planning, liberal is what we enjoy our “clients” to be. Here’s the latest on Obama.

He doesn’t like to be called a liberal. Notice the delightful dishonesty in this latest claim. Of course he’s a liberal. But by denying this, he’s ultimately lying, something we find refreshing, to all his little followers. This makes for great opportunity. We can obscure and muddle the means of words so as to make these vile creatures do our work and not even know it. Be sure to check out my nephews great work on Obama here.

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